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TikTok in the Mix

At Sloan Park in December 2023, Cohesion products again firmly showcased the power of live performance. TikTok’s “In the Mix,” a full day of festivities centering on a unique circular stage, was bolstered by the pristine audio and roaring output provided by the deployed system. The chart-topping musicians, dynamic DJ sets, and special influencer interviews at “In the Mix” set TikTok records with 33.5 million viewers , and it was additionally packaged for a Disney+ and Hulu special broadcast.


Mesa, AZ
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The “In the Mix” sound system needed to support world-famous artists without any rigging on the stage for loudspeakers. The system also had to demonstrate excellent output and consistent horizontal pattern control to faithfully reproduce music from the towers positioned 100 feet from the center stage. Furthermore, the audio system needed to preserve unobstructed sightlines for thousands of guests and tenfold more streaming the festival; reducing the number of products deployed was of paramount importance. In addition, TikTok would ultimately boast 6+ hours of content, including influencers who interviewed fans roaming the stadium, and a second stage featured spirited DJ sets in between acts on the main stage.


Flown and ground-stacked CO12 partnered with driving CP218 II+ and an assemblage of CO10 and CP6+ to produce a powerful, seamless system. Cohesion delivered reference-quality sound while using fewer overall products to keep sightlines clear for spectators and streamers alike. The system delivered audio for a memorable festival day above with definition and clarity.


The deployed system created a reliable and lush performance landscape for the stars performing on the bespoke 360° stage environment that received approving feedback from production executives and enthralled fans. All the audio produced throughout—including performances from Niall Horan, Peso Pluma, Anita, and Cardi B, multiple DJs spinning high-voltage sets, and plentiful in-person interviews—ran through the Cohesion PA.

"Considering the design, the coverage we ended up with was outstanding. Every area had crystal-clear, high-fidelity audio without impeding audience or camera sightlines."

Courtesy of Yellow Studio
Courtesy of Yellow Studio
Courtesy of Yellow Studio
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• 96 CO12, rigged in eight flown clusters of ten plus eight ground stacks of two

• 32 CO10, arranged in eight ground stacks of four

• 48 CP218 II+, deployed in twelve ground stacks of four

• 20 CP6+, deployed as front fill

CO Series
CP218 II+