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Our Philosophy

We exclusively develop audio systems that support live productions. We honor the artists we serve by ensuring that their performances are accurately delivered to everyone they engage, and we understand the requirements of those who deploy and install our systems. We acknowledge these dual responsibilities and apply them to technology.

Our technology

We ensure powerful, precise, consistent, and sustained audience engagement with minimal physical impact through our technologies. They are developed with our core philosophy in mind, and we further leverage our connectivity to deployed and installed systems to simplify usage for both live productions and installations.

Our History

1950s/ 1960s

A stage with speakers provided by the Clair Brothers
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A Tradition of Technology


Early live sound reinforcement used primitive PA systems intended to amplify only the human voice. Column speakers eventually provided a better-sounding alternative, foreshadowing modern line array technology. As concerts and live events required more power, clusters of independent loudspeakers were used to separately reproduce low, mid, and high frequencies.


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Supporting, and Becoming, Icons


Clair debuts the all-in-one S-4 loudspeaker and once again revolutionizes the industry. The S-4 required only a single connector, sported truck-friendly dimensions, and sounded great. For a Rolling Stones tour in 1975, Clair debuts a hanging S-4 system, which becomes standard industry-wide.


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A Global Phenomenon


The S-4 technology continues to improve, resulting in both the S-4 Series II and compact versions, the R-4 and P-4. By the end of this decade, Clair developed and introduced the landmark 12AM stage monitor, which quickly became a favorite in both live music and broadcast applications for its performance, compact form factor, and packaging.


i-5 system at Count Marron
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Market-Driven Tech Perfection


Clair is driven to create lighter and more compact line arrays, resulting in the i4, i3, i5, and iDL loudspeakers. These modern alternatives to the heavy arrays of the past improved consistency and flexibility in coverage. During this period, Clair also designed the i212, i218, and CAT speakers to accommodate permanent installations.


i5 at FarmAid 2012
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A Changing Environment


Clair begins to develop and deploy speakers like the i-5b and i-5d to augment their existing product line. Anticipating that the future of loudspeakers would require reconsideration of weight alongside performance, engineers begin to determine the next wave of innovation during this transitional period.


Cohesion CO12
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Industry Innovation & Ingenuity


Clair introduces the CO Series, the first of many Cohesion products that again set industry standards. CO8 is initially designed as the iMicro and released in 2012, followed by the first deployment of the impressive CO12 in 2015 and the CO10 in 2018. Developed initially as the private brand for Clair Global’s Rental division, CO Series products pack premium power and exceptional pattern control.


Cohesion CF10 speakers
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The Future’s Already Here


In 2023, Cohesion was elevated from a touring-exclusive series into a fully supported product development and manufacturing enterprise for both deployment and exclusive installations. Cohesion's products include the incredibly popular CO Series line arrays, the self-powered CP218 II+ subwoofer, and the innovative CF Series of point source speakers as part of a growing ecosystem.

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