Case study

Microsoft Ignite 2023

The application flexibility of Cohesion products make them ideal not only for championship sports and premier concerts, but also for aspirational corporate events, such as Microsoft’s Ignite conference, at which the quintessential technology company annually unveils its newest products and innovations to partners and developers. For the 2023 edition held at Microsoft’s Seattle HQ, the Cohesion system ensured that every groundbreaking demonstration and speech was delivered with the highest fidelity and the utmost clarity.


Seattle, WA
4500+ seats
Featured Product


In preparation for their largest conference of the year, Microsoft desired a sound reinforcement system that would accurately reproduce the globally significant information presented by their VIPs on stage to thousands of gathered guests. The system needed to prioritize directivity and pattern control so each audience member felt captivated. Furthermore, their additional remote stage on a separate floor required a PA that could provide maximum output within a minimal form factor to best fit that space.


A meticulously engineered system of CO10 clusters utilized 120° and 80° directivity to ensure that the audience gathered at the Keynote Stage could hear presenters as though they were on stage themselves. The CP218 II+, deployed in a cardioid arrangement, delivered immense low-frequency output with impressive control. The self-powered CP6+, tucked into a specially constructed recess in front of the stage, ably provided front and side fill. Upstairs at the Interstitial Programming (IP) Theater Stage, a further deployment of efficient — both in terms of power and form factor — CP6+ fully comprised the PA system.


Cohesion products provided a sonic spark to Microsoft Ignite 2023. The production team utilized the CP218 II+ to provide physical signals that keynote speeches and other important talks were beginning, and the 4,500 guests gathered in the Keynote Stage could easily hear the presentations with the crystal-clear quality from the CO10. The versatility and small form factor of the CP6+ was optimal for providing seamless coverage for the IP Theater Stage and its 300 attendees while preserving sightlines.

"In my experience with Cohesion, it's engulfing, it's controllable, it's seamless. Cohesion is the ideal speaker."

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• 96 CO10, rigged in 12 clusters of 8 speakers each

• 8 CP218 II+, deployed in cardioid arrangement

• 2 CP118+

• 16 CP6+, deployed as front fill and side fill at the Keynote Stage and as point source speakers at the IP Theater Stage

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CP218 II+